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Mortgage industry

Mortgage Industry

Getting a mortgage is no small feat in an economic climate like ours. In fact, the largest banks in the country cut their lending by almost a full percentage point in the post-crash era of austerity. This is particularly true of the smaller players.


The industry may have some catching up to do in the near term. However, the mortgage industry is a small club in comparison to the broader financial services sector. There are some key factors weighing in on the decision making equations. One is the quality of the mortgage loan itself, and the other is the quality of the originating lender.

Award-winning brokers

Having an award-winning mortgage broker can help you get your loan approved faster. They are the experts that can find you a mortgage that works for you. Choosing the right mortgage broker can help you avoid falling into debt. Mortgage brokers stay abreast of the latest mortgage products and rates so you can make the best choice for your needs.

Mortgage Brokers Victoria is a multi-award-winning business that services all of Victoria. The business is operated by Cathy Anderson, who started her company in October 2005, with just one part-time assistant. Today, Cathy employs nine people. She has won many industry awards in the last few years. She has also been named Smartline Franchise Owner of the Year.

Cindy Anderson is a national leader in the mortgage industry. She has won the award four times. She has been named Smartline Franchise Owner of the Year, the Smartline High Achievement Award, the National Lenders’ Choice Award, and the Franchise Broker of the Year. She continues to set the highest standards for client care and loan application quality.

Cathy McLean has been a top mortgage broker in Australia for many years. She started her business in 2005, and has won numerous awards and accolades from her clients. She is a member of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia and was named Operator of the Year in 2009. She has also been named a finalist in the Australian Mortgage Awards’ Broker of the Year category.

Roger Ward has been in the lending business for more than 20 years. He has worked for a number of major financial institutions, including Aussie Home Loans. He has also worked as a private banker. He has extensive experience in broking, and he has recently been recruited by the 500 Group. He has been able to leverage his experience and bring a new loan assessment tool to the company. He is also working on refining the tool and he has recently hired an experienced senior mortgage finance professional.

Cathy Dawson is a major contributor to the Smartline team, and she has built a strong local profile. She has won numerous awards and accolades, and she has also been named Smartline Rookie of the Year. She has averaged 30 settlements per month. She has also built strong relationships with a number of commercial bankers and senior management. Cathy Dawson’s excellent service and her commitment to her clients have earned her the respect of Smartline’s lender partners.

Cathy Anderson continues to win industry awards and she was recently named Smartline High Achievement Award. She was also named Franchise Owner of the Year by Smartline, and she continues to set the highest standards for client care, loan application quality, and local area marketing. She has a dedicated team of nine employees, and her clients are happy to recommend her to others.

Mortgage industry awards event in Australia

The AMAs are the largest mortgage industry awards event in Australia, and they offer enormous recognition and recognition from peers. For the fourth year in a row, Home Loan Experts was a finalist. This year they were finalists in the Best Independent Office and the Buy To Let Mortgage Broker of the Year categories. The company was also recognized by the independent panel of judges for its excellence.

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