Scholarships For International Students – Simple Guide

Scholarships For International Students

An international student attending college in the U.S. can have a life-altering experience; however, attending college can also be expensive and scholarships provide a way of mitigating these expenses.

Merit scholarships are awarded based on special skills or abilities, such as academic excellence, athletic ability, or artistic talent.

AAUW Scholarships

AAUW Scholarships are open to international women wishing to study in the US. This fellowship supports their education while simultaneously working toward improving women and girls in their home nations. This fellowship program is available to graduate and postgraduate students. The fellowship covers tuition fees, health insurance premiums and a living stipend of up to $20,000 annually. Applicant must be full-time students attending an accredited U.S. institution and submit a witnessed statement that upon completing their degree program they intend to return home and pursue professional careers there upon graduating from U.S. institutions. Fellows may work up to 15 hours each week or teach one section of one course with prior written approval from AAUW.

Since 1917, this program has provided support for women seeking graduate or postgraduate study in the US. They select applicants based on academic achievement, commitment to women and girls issues and community activism – making these fellowships ideal for women who will eventually return home as leaders in business, government, academia, community activism, arts or science.

Fellowships from AAUW cover an array of fields and can include both full-time and part-time opportunities. Applicants must be members of AAUW with citizenship in their home country or possessing nonimmigrant visa to study in the US. Fellowships are competitive; our selection panel will review applications based on funds available and notify applicants by April 15.

AAUW members have long championed educational and economic equality for women, and through scholarships and grants provided to AAUW members they help break through barriers so that all women can succeed. AAUW research and scholarship programs enable students to participate in groundbreaking projects to tackle root causes of inequality that affect women and girls worldwide while at the same time equipping them with skills necessary for careers in science, technology, engineering mathematics medicine (STEMM).

Aga Khan Foundation

The Aga Khan Foundation is an interagency organisation that strives to enhance the lives of people living in developing countries by offering educational and health services as well as humanitarian assistance. They offer scholarships for those wishing to study abroad; eligibility criteria includes having an outstanding academic record as well as financial need as well as having a clear plan for the future. They offer scholarships both masters and PhD students.

The foundation awards its scholarships based on four main criteria: academic achievement, genuine financial need, admission to a reputable postgraduate institution and thoughtful and coherent educational and career plans. Other factors may also be taken into account such as extracurricular achievements and volunteer contributions. Priority will be given to those from developing nations who could benefit from further studies in the US.

Established by Shah Karim Al Hussaini, 49th Hereditary Imam of Shia Ismaili Muslims, The Aga Khan Foundation was created to pool together human and financial resources from multiple sources to address some of the world’s most challenging problems. Today it operates offices in 17 countries worldwide and projects are implemented in 14 – such as agriculture/food security/climate resilience/early childhood development/education/gender equality etc.

To qualify, applicants must be nationals of one of the following countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada, Egypt, France, India, Kenya, Kyrgyz Republic Madagascar Mozambique Pakistan Portugal Syria Tajikistan Tanzania and Uganda. You also require a valid passport as well as enrollment in a university specialized in your field of study. Half of your award is distributed as grants while half must be returned within five years at an interest rate of 5% with co-signing by an eligible guarantor completing your agreement.

At an interview, it is crucial that you keep an open mind and are well prepared for questions related to the scholarship and foundation. Furthermore, dress appropriately and interact with interviewers – this will enable you to stand out amongst other candidates and increase your chances of receiving this scholarship award.

Study Abroad Scholarships

Study Abroad Scholarships provide international students with financial assistance for tuition fees, living expenses and school-related costs such as books or airfare. Scholarships can often be found through either their school’s financial aid office or private organizations such as foundations and universities.

Scholarships for studying abroad can be extremely competitive, so it’s wise to begin searching early. Some scholarships require letters of recommendation, transcripts and essays as part of their application requirements; once you find one suitable to you make sure to submit it on time. Furthermore, making a checklist will prevent any essential steps or deadlines being forgotten about.

Consider what criteria the donor uses when awarding scholarships, such as need or region criteria or academic achievements or special abilities (for instance the Diverse International Women of Color Scholarship is designed to assist women who excel academically but require financial support to study abroad). Other scholarships could focus on specific fields of study (for instance ISA’s Japanese Language Scholarship is one such opportunity).

Many government scholarships for studying abroad are available at both federal and state levels, while local universities may also have scholarships specific to your country or subject. Students may also find funding from private donors like through American-Australian Education Fund Scholarships or Education New Zealand Scholarships.

Other scholarships provide more specialized funding opportunities, like the Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) Scholarship and Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Program scholarships for vocational graduates and young professionals to travel to Germany for professional experience or teach English around the globe. Furthermore, Boren Awards for International Study through National Security Education Program provide special funding opportunities that encourage undergraduate students to study less commonly taught languages from world regions vital to U.S. interests that have historically been underrepresented in study abroad programs.

University Scholarships

If you are considering studying at a particular university, be sure to do your research regarding what scholarships they provide international students. Scholarships provide both an incentive for hard work and excellent grades while adding some relief to your budget – though this might not cover all fees completely, they can certainly make a significant difference! Additionally, private organizations and government funding sources also offer scholarships specifically aimed at international students.

Fulbright Program scholarships provide undergraduate and graduate students with a stipend for the duration of their study abroad program, covering tuition costs as well as travel costs. Other private scholarships for international students are also available through AAUW International Fellowships and American Councils for International Education.

Universities also run scholarship programmes to attract top talent and recognize those predicted to achieve excellent grades. For instance, Oregon hosts several scholarship awards dedicated to social change initiatives in their home countries or who intend to return and improve under-resourced communities such as ICSP and John Haines African Scholarship awards.

University of Pennsylvania stands out as an institution providing scholarships for international students by awarding partial academic scholarships based on grades, high school marks and SAT/ACT scores for incoming freshmen. Michigan State University’s Global Spartan Leadership scholarship awards an equivalent amount in exchange for attendance at various cultural and leadership events.

Finding scholarships requires doing your homework: searching the internet, consulting your university and searching free scholarship databases. Apply for more than one scholarship as it rarely hurts your chances of winning; just be mindful not to overextend yourself financially by applying for too many. Furthermore, more time spent applying means less time spent studying.

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