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Scholarships in Turkey

Scholarships in Turkey

If you’re considering higher education in Turkey, there are numerous scholarships available that cover tuition fees, health insurance and accommodation expenses.

Scholarships in Turkey are provided by various organizations and universities. These awards are competitive and based on academic excellence as well as extra-curricular social and cultural achievements.

1. Turkiye Scholarship

The Turkiye Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship program that gives international students the chance to study in Turkey for free. This scholarship covers tuition fees as well as most other expenses, including visa costs.

These scholarships are available to undergraduate, master’s and PhD students from around the world. It is awarded to those with outstanding academic records who demonstrate talent as researchers.

This scholarship program is an excellent way for students to enhance their skills and experience in Turkey while learning about its culture and history. Furthermore, the scholarship provides monthly stipends as well as housing.

To apply for the Turkiye Scholarship, you will need a high school diploma and transcripts of your grades. Additionally, you may submit a copy of your passport.

Furthermore, you must obtain excellent grades on your international exams and be ready to take a language test. Furthermore, proof of your family’s financial resources must be presented.

Once you submit your application, a committee will review it and notify you if you are selected to receive the scholarship.

International students from around the world can receive this scholarship, which covers tuition fees, health insurance, housing expenses and Turkish language course costs. Furthermore, there are a range of free social and cultural activities provided as part of its benefits.

This scholarship program is designed to promote international researchers and academics to collaborate on collaborative academic research with Turkish scholars at some of the world’s premier universities. This is an amazing chance for anyone interested in conducting academic research abroad; moreover, those under 35 years of age are eligible to apply.

2. Halide Edip Adivar Prize for Turkish Studies

The Halide Edip Adivar Prize for Turkish Studies is awarded to undergraduate students who want to embark on their first study abroad experience in Turkey. Through this scholarship, students gain valuable insights about Turkish culture, enjoy its warm hospitality, and pursue their interests in a new environment.

This award is a monetary grant that will be paid out over three years to undergraduate, graduate or PhD students who have successfully completed a project deemed worthy by the committee. Your work must involve academic research that utilizes digital tools and methods; your application should not exceed five double-spaced pages with 12-point font.

Halide Edip, born in Ankara, Turkey but living and writing throughout a variety of countries such as India, France, England, and the United States, was an acclaimed author whose novels remain popular across Turkish culture.

She wrote novels that explored the social and political realities, particularly after Turkish independence. Her works include Das neue Turan (Weimar, 1916), The Shirt of Flame (1924) and Inside India (1939).

Her memoirs provide insight into the difficulties she endured as she sought to reconcile with Western civilization. Perhaps most renowned of her works, The Clown and His Daughter, which was filmed twice and translated into multiple languages.

She was also a member of the Progressive Republican Party and helped formulate the Law of Reconciliation. After being accused of treason in 1926, she and her husband fled to Europe where they lived and worked for some time in France and Britain before returning home in Ankara in 1939.

3. Kadir Has University Tuition Fee Reduction Scholarship

Kadir Has University is a research university located in Istanbul, Turkey that is renowned for producing quality research across various fields. Additionally, the university provides scholarships to assist students with their educational pursuits on various levels.

Kadir Has offers tuition fee reduction scholarships for international students based on their academic performance. To be eligible, students must meet certain criteria such as having a high school diploma GPA of 1.8, scoring at least 80% on both international and national exams, and providing proof of English proficiency test results if applicable.

Kadir Has offers the Tuition Fee Reduction Scholarship to undergraduate and graduate students from abroad. In addition to tuition fees, they receive a monthly stipend, cover travel expenses, as well as health insurance coverage.

Kadir Has University Scholarship applicants must fill out an online application form and upload all necessary documents. A copy of their passport will serve as proof of identity.

Once their application is accepted by the university, they will be sent a letter of acceptance with information on how to register for classes and other important details about the institution.

Before enrolling in a program at Kadir Has University, students must pass the English proficiency test. This standardized assessment measures an individual’s ability to communicate using English language skills. If they fail this examination, they will have to attend an English preparatory year before beginning their undergraduate degree.

Kadir Has University offers bachelor and master’s degrees through five undergraduate colleges as well as a graduate school located in Istanbul’s city center. Students have access to amenities like cafeterias, laboratories, dormitories, and libraries on these campuses.

4. TUBITAK Scholarship

The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) offers scholarships to students wanting to study in Turkey. These awards help cover tuition fees as well as living expenses during their stay in Turkey. Furthermore, TUBITAK also provides health insurance for its scholars.

The TUBITAK Scholarship is available to master and doctoral degree students, providing them with a monthly stipend, travel costs and private health insurance coverage. It is open to international students from developing countries who wish to study in Turkey.

Candidates for TUBITAK scholarship programs should submit their application electronically via the scholarship portal (see link below). In order to be accepted, candidates must obtain an official Acceptance Letter from either an eligible department, institution or laboratory of either a public or private university in Turkey or one of TUBITAK Research Centers and Institutes.

Furthermore, they should demonstrate their English proficiency through either a standardized test card or University-issued letter. This will be evaluated alongside the rest of their application.

They must also submit a Supporting Statement from their current employer in the format dictated by TUBITAK. This will enable TUBITAK to assess their qualifications and guarantee they receive leave of absence while in Turkey.

The TUBITAK Postdoctoral Fellowship Program provides support to foreign scholars pursuing postdoctoral studies in engineering and technological sciences, natural sciences, medical sciences, agricultural sciences, social sciences and humanities at departments or laboratories of public or private universities in Turkey or TUBITAK Research Centers or Institutes. Women and candidates from Science & Technology Lagging Countries are especially encouraged to apply.

5. Turkish Coalition in America

Turkey can be both challenging and exciting as a study abroad destination. Situated at the crossroads between Middle Eastern culture and Mediterranean climates, it provides students with an exceptional environment to pursue cultural studies or STEM disciplines.

If you’re interested in exploring the Middle East and Turkish culture, there are a variety of scholarships that you can obtain to finance your travels. These can come from either the US government, Turkish ambassadorial associations, or private colleges.

For instance, The Turkish Coalition in America offers scholarships to American students of African-American, Hispanic-American or Native-American descent who wish to study abroad in Turkey or its neighbouring regions such as TRNC and Bosnia Herzegovina. These awards can be granted on either a semester or yearlong basis and used for study abroad programs, language courses or university sponsored trips to Turkey, TRNC or Bosnia Herzegovina.

TCA also educates members of Congress about Turkish American issues and concerns, as well as organizing group visits to Turkey. These programs aim to increase American awareness about Turkey’s history and current events, while also developing an appreciation for U.S.-Turkey relations and how they affect the Turkish American community.

The United States and Turkey may soon diverge in their approaches to international affairs, potentially creating further difficulties down the line. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, members of the far-right Nationalist Movement Party, and Eurasianists seem to believe that today’s international system no longer revolves around Western interests.

This could lead to a series of disputes and conflicts between Turkey and the United States that could devastate their relationship. For instance, President Joe Biden may become more vocal in high-profile cases against former co-chairperson of pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party Selahattin Demirtas and philanthropist Osman Kavala. Additionally, Halkbank case will continue casting a shadow over U.S.-Turkey relations.

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