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5 Undergraduate Scholarships For Students

Undergraduate scholarships

Undergraduate scholarships are available to students who have demonstrated academic achievement. To be eligible, students must have completed rigorous college preparatory coursework, including Honors, AP, IB, and dual credit courses where available. They may also have financial need. These scholarships may be used to help cover tuition costs, and the amount awarded may vary from year to year.

Ford Journalism Scholarship

There are many ways to qualify for the Ford Journalism Scholarship. These awards are given to students who want to pursue a career in journalism. Students who earn these awards will be able to continue their education even after graduation, and they can be used to attend school at any accredited university. Some of the scholarships are renewable for up to three years.

To apply for this scholarship, you must be an undergraduate or graduate student and be studying journalism, English, or a related field. The deadline is Dec. 1 of the previous academic year. In addition, you must be a female student. The scholarship offers financial aid, mentoring, and other resources to underrepresented students.

The Ford Motor Company Fund and the Alliance for Women in Media partner to provide two scholarships every year. The winner receives $3,000, and the runner-up receives $1,000. Both scholarships are awarded to female undergraduate and graduate students in the United States. Both winners and runner-ups are recognized at professional events.

In addition to the Ford Journalism Scholarship, you may also qualify for the Lee Thornton Scholarship. This scholarship comes with a $2,000 educational award and a trip to the Excellence in Journalism Conference. In order to apply for this scholarship, you must submit at least three to five samples of your work. The deadline is January 15th.

Thomas A. Fulham Scholarship

The Thomas A. Fulham Scholarship for undergraduates is a scholarship for college students with financial need. The scholarship was established in memory of the late Dr. Thomas Fulham, a former president of Boston University. It is offered to students from the state of Massachusetts. The recipients are chosen on the basis of their academic record and need.

There are two scholarships awarded each year. The Crompton Gold Medal is awarded to the best scientific research paper and essay throughout the school year. The Crompton Gold Medal is presented by the Class Deans office. The Thomas A. Fulham Scholarship for undergraduates also funds several other scholarships. A third award is the John J. Crowley Memorial Prize for the best essay or research paper on a religious topic. Another is the John J. Cummings, Jr./Bai Award for the best essay or research paper on financial institutions. A fourth award is the Monsignor Kavanagh Medal and Award for the best original essay or research paper on Christian art.

This scholarship is given to students who demonstrate a high aptitude for philosophical inquiry and academic achievement. It is also awarded to the Valedictorian of the graduating class. Other awards include the Varsity Club Norton Prize, given to an outstanding student-athlete, and the Shirley Verrett French Prize, given to the most talented French major in the graduating class.

Rachel Carson Scholarship

The Rachel Carson Scholarship for undergraduates honors the life and work of the late environmentalist, writer and scientist Rachel Carson. This award provides a full tuition scholarship to a deserving student. The award is worth $5,000 per year and will be renewable for up to four years. Applicants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents and must demonstrate financial need. They must also have a minimum grade point average of 8.0. Rachel Carson was a biologist, ecologist and writer who wrote extensively on the effects of synthetic pesticides on the environment.

The Rachel Carson Scholarship for undergraduates is open to international students and is open to all disciplines taught at Chatham University. The deadline for applying is February 1, 2019. To apply for the scholarship, students should meet the minimum GPA requirements. Additionally, students must display their humanitarian qualities through community service. The scholarships are awarded based on academic performance, and not on race, religion, ethnicity, or financial need.

New England Women in Real Estate Scholarship

The New England Women in Real Estate Foundation (NEWiRE) sponsors a scholarship for women pursuing a career in commercial real estate. The $5,000 award is given to a woman pursuing a degree in real estate or a related field. The winning candidate must show a passion for real estate through coursework.

Shelly McLaughlin is a member of CREW Network and was an active member of the New England Women in Real Estate (NEWiRE) network for seven years. She also co-chaired the CREWCareers committee, which introduces career opportunities in commercial real estate to young girls.

The WX Scholars program provides financial aid and educational opportunities for bright young women who wish to pursue careers in real estate and related fields. Since the program was founded in 2004, it has awarded over three hundred and eighty full scholarships to deserving women. These students receive education and programming to enhance their career prospects and develop productive relationships with their peers.

The Ellen L. Lang ’81 Endowed Scholarship honors the memory of her parents, William and Irene Meehan. This scholarship provides financial assistance for first-year students who demonstrate financial need. Recipients must have a 3.0 GPA and demonstrate leadership. Elizabeth and David were dedicated to the scholarship and their families continued to provide financial assistance.

Boston Newspapermen’s Benevolent Association Scholarship

The Boston Newspapermen’s Benevolent association Scholarship supports students pursuing careers in print media. It was established to support students with financial need who want to pursue a career in journalism. The Boston Newspapermen’s Benevolente Association Scholarship is a $1000 scholarship awarded to a Journalism major who plans to work in the print media. Students can apply for the scholarship by applying for admission to Suffolk University.

Applicants must be a resident of Boston for at least two years. They must also plan to enroll in full-time undergraduate classes in the state of Massachusetts. Those wishing to attend community college should apply for the Tuition-Free Community College program. To be eligible for the Tuition-Free Community College program, applicants must be a Massachusetts resident and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

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